Research report on the state of IoT implementation: Experience counts

Companies around the globe have high hopes for the Internet of Things and are eager to reap the profits projected by vendors and analysts. But, of course, it’s not a simple process of installing some sensors, collecting the data and raking in (or saving) the money (or efficiencies or improved data). There’s much research, planning and testing, and after that comes the heavy lifting of IoT implementation.

Though it’s still early days of IoT, many companies have already gone down this road, whether at full production scale, testing IoT pilots or just researching IoT. We conducted research on those experiences. Our free, 32-page downloadable report analyzes survey responses from more than 600 professionals either directly involved with or interested in IoT, comparing and contrasting results from the overall respondent base vs. those from large companies, those from small companies, those from manufacturing and those who reported “excellent” results from their production-scale IoT projects. The differences among these groups point to valuable insights about the state of IoT implementation.

Those with “excellent” results from their production-scale projects may have the most important lessons to share.

We hope you use this IoT implementation report to guide your own projects and build out best practices to smooth the way for your future IoT endeavors.

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