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For almost 10 years, Microsoft never bothered to improve Windows Explorer copy and move functions by either adding advanced options or improving overall file transfer speed.  This is the reason why most of Windows users relay on third-party file transfer tools such as TeraCopy.

TeraCopy for Windows 10

Unlike earlier versions of Windows, Windows 10 comes with a much improved file management. Those who have been using Windows 10 probably have noticed the significantly improved copy, move, rename, and delete functions. Pause, resume, and stop options are also available while copying or moving data. Besides, each copy job now shows the speed of data transfer and the transfer rate trend as well. But it seems that TeraCopy offers better data transfer speed than the default copy and move options in Windows 10 as well.

download teracopy of Windows 10

Most Windows users are likely familiar with TeraCopy software. As you may know, it’s a free software which offers better speed and options compared to the default Windows Explorer copy and move functions. Code Sector, the developer of TeraCopy, recently updated the software to add support for Windows 10 operating system.

download teracopy free for Windows 10

The user interface of TeraCopy for Windows 10 has not been changed. It’s still features the simple UI. Just download and install the software to replace the default copy and move functions. Once installed, you will see TeraCopy entry in Explorer context menu.

Key features of TeraCopy

# Faster copy and move operations

# Error recovery feature skips files that can’t be copied

# Interactive file list shows failed file transfers

# Full Unicode support

# Shut down computer when transfer is complete

# Eject drive when transfer is complete

# Performs test when transfer is complete

# Replaces Windows copy and move functions

By default, TeraCopy replaces Windows copy and move functions. To change this, open TeraCopy, do a right-click, select Preferences and then disable the option named Use TeraCopy as default copy handler. Under Preferences you can also find options to change progress bar colors and play sound when transfer is complete.

download teracopy for windows 10

As mentioned above, the latest version of TeraCopy supports Windows 10 as well. So, if you are on Windows 10, you can now install and use TeraCopy without any issues. A paid version of TeraCopy is also available with a number of advanced options.

All-in-all, a worthy software to quickly copy files in Windows 10. Do give it a try!

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