How To Calculate A Future Date Based On A Given Date In Excel?

If you need to add a number of days to a given date to calculate the future date, how could you deal with it in Excel?

To get a future date which is 100 days later based on current date, please apply the following simple formula:

Enter this formula: =A2+100 into a blank cell to locate the result, and then press Enter key to get the future date as following screenshot shown:

 Calculate A Future Date Exclude Weekends Based On A Given Date With Formula

If you want to calculate the future date exclude weekends, please use this formula:

1. Type this formula: =WORKDAY(A2,100) into a blank cell, and then press Enter key to get a five-digit number, see screenshot:

2. Then you should convert the five-digit number to date by clicking Short Date from the General drop-down list in the Home tab, see screenshot:

 Calculate A Future Date Exclude Weekends And Holidays Based On A Given Date With Formula

1. Enter this formula: =WORKDAY(A2,100,E2:E6) into a blank cell, and press Enter key, a number is displayed, see screenshot:

Note: In the above formula, A2 is the current date that you want to calculate future date based on, 100 is the number of days you want to add to the date, E2:E6 is the holiday cells which needed to be excluded, please change them to your need.

2. Then select the formula cell, and click Short Date from the General drop-down list under the Home tab to convert the number to date format, see screenshot:

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