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Share files from your OneDrive

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You can share files stored on your OneDrive with both internal and external collaborators a number of different ways.

Right-click on the file in OneDrive and select Share, or click the ellipsis (…) for the file item menu and click Share from there:

Capture33.1 Capture34.1

Or select the file and click the Share button, or click on More directly (at the top) and scroll down to Share:

Capture35.1 Capture35a1

From there, simply enter the names (internal) or email addresses (internal or external) of the people you would like to share the file with. Select if you want them to be able to view or edit, and click on Share:

Capture36 1a.1

TIP = You can enter multiple names/email addresses to share with multiple people. If you do this, all will receive the same permission level (view only or view/edit). If you want some people to have different permissions, you will need to break them down into separate emails (one for the set who can edit and another for the set who will only view).

Also, if you want your collaborators to be able to open the link from within the email message (sharing invitation) they receive, without having to be redirected to their own OneDrive to sign in and open the document, you can uncheck the Require sign-in box:

Capture36 1b.1

TIP = Unchecking the Require sign-in box does NOT compromise the security of your document. People who do not have access to the document will receive the the message below if they try to access it (for example, if the sharing email is forwarded to someone who hasn't been given specific permission). These people can easily ask for access by clicking on the Request Access button:


If you want to share a file with someone, but do not necessarily want them to receive a sharing invite email message, simply click on Show Options and uncheck the 'Send an email invitation box', before clicking Share:

Capture36 1c.1 Capture37a.1Do

TIP = Do NOT use the 'Share with' link at the top of your Windows Explorer window. There is a difference between sharing a file in Windows Explorer (Windows file sharing) and Sharing a file via OneDrive:


However, you CAN right-click on the file that you want to share and then select Share from the OneDrive for Business menu:


From there, you will be redirected to the web-based OneDrive settings, where you can proceed to share your file as described in the previous steps.

Please note that not all content is appropriate to be shared from OneDrive. Please review our Data Storage Standards documentation for guidance on where you should be storing any particular file or data set.

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