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Check or change with whom you are sharing files from OneDrive

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You can see who you are sharing files with by viewing the Sharing column for any particular file in OneDrive:


You can inspect a complete list of who you are sharing a specific file with by clicking on the appropriate link (for the specific file) in the Sharing column. You can also do this from the File Sharing dialog box (as described here), click on Shared with and then you will see who you are sharing with and what permissions each collaborator has (view/edit).

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TIP = You can change sharing permissions here by clicking the drop-down arrow on the permission level of the person for which you want to change. You can also stop sharing with that person altogether:

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Please note that not all content is appropriate to be shared from OneDrive. Please see our Data Storage Standard document for guidance on where you should be storing any particular file or data set.

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