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Stop sharing a file from your OneDrive

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Please note that not all content is appropriate to be shared from OneDrive. Please see our Data Storage Standard documentation for guidance on where you should be storing any particular file or data set.

If you are concerned about the appropriateness of sharing a particular file or if the sensitivity of the data within a file has changed and you want to stop sharing that file with everyone who may have access, you can quickly and easily stop sharing the file and restrict permissions to only yourself. To do this, open the Sharing Permissions dialog box as described here and click on the “Stop Sharing” link.


Please know that you cannot “undo” the “Stop Sharing” action. If you change your mind and want to share the file again, follow the the sharing instructions as described here. Further, OneDrive does not log sharing history, so you will have to remember who you were sharing the file with, and their associated permissions, if you want to re-share in the same capacity as before.

TIP = Restoring a file from a previous version does NOT affect sharing permissions and vice-versa. Sharing permissions and version control are completely separate attributes of a file and do not affect each other.

Further, because the “Stop Sharing” action is irreversible, a confirmation window will pop up to ask you to acknowledge that you want to stop sharing the file with everyone, except the file owner(s). Click on the “Stop sharing” button on this confirmation window to stop sharing the file with anyone and everyone.


TIP = You can also email everyone who you are sharing a file with, or access advanced sharing options (for creating custom, complex sharing rules/permissions) from the Sharing Permissions dialog box.


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