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Welcome to Microsoft OneDrive Tips & Tricks

Need to sync OneDrive for Business to your computer? Here's how.

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If you're not seeing OneDrive for Business on your computer, it probably means it hasn't been 'synced.' The instructions to do this are below. Remember that you can always access OneDrive via the website, but having all of your files and folders quickly accessible is more convenient. In addition, you can also access your files when you don't have an internet connection because they will be available on your laptop or mobile device.

When OneDrive is synced, it appears in the Windows Explorer folder just like the other shortcut folders you already have:


On the Office 365 website, it looks like this:

Capture4 0

To download the 'patch' or 'sync client' (as techies like to call it), first log in to o365.uleth.ca with your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your password; you will see the Office 365 home page. Click on Office 365 and, in the next window, click on the OneDrive icon:

ODfB sync1

Below is the next window you'll see. Note the menu with: New, Upload, Sync and Alert me. Click on Sync. It will bring up a pop-up window - select Get the OneDrive for Business app that's right for me.

Note: Do not click on Sync now or you will receive a bunch of error messages and have to start over again.

ODfB sync2

You will be taken to the Microsoft Office Support site:

ODfB sync3

Scroll down the page to the section that says OneDrive for Business sync client installers, and locate the English installer. You will have the option to choose a 32-bit or 64-bit installer. The standard installation on U of L computers is 32-bit - select it unless you know for sure that you are running the 64-bit version of Office.

Once you've selected the appropriate version, the following screen will appear...select RUN:

ODfB sync4

ODfB sync5

When you see the window prompt asking if you would like to make changes to this computer, select Yes.

You will see the following notifying you that Office is Getting things ready...

ODfB sync6

The window that opens will welcome you to your new Office. Click on Next.

ODfB sync7

Then you'll see the following window. Select Use recommended settings and Accept:

ODfB sync8

Click through the prompts in each of the subsequent windows and select Next, Accept or Allow as they are requested. You'll eventually see the window indicating You're good to go. Click on All done!

Once you've come to the window below, close this web session and go back to your OneDrive, select Sync in ther menu bar, and Sync now in the pop-up window.

ODfB sync14

Congratulations! You have now successfully installed the sync client for OneDrive for Business. Open your Windows Explorer and find it - it may say: OneDrive - University of Lethbridge.

Remember: you will now be able to access your files without an internet connection because they will be synced to your laptop or mobile device.

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