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How To Pin Specific Settings To Start Menu In Windows 10

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The Settings app in Windows 10 is not just for touch devices but it has been tailored for desktop users as well. While the classic Control Panel has been retained in Windows 10, you will see yourself launching Settings app more often than the Control Panel as most of the newly added settings are exclusive to Settings app only. In simple words, whether you’re on desktop, notebook or touch device, you will have to open Settings app to access certain settings.

Pin specific settings to Windows 10 Start menu

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One of the cool things about Settings is that you can pin your favorite settings to the Start menu for quick access. That is, the settings that you access very often can be pinned to the Start menu so that you can access those settings right from the Start menu without having to navigate through Settings app. For instance, if you frequently visit Start section of Settings app to change default settings of Start menu, you can pin it to the Start menu.

Tip: Just like the Settings app, the classic Control Panel also allows pinning applets to the Start menu. When you’re in Control Panel, change the view to small icons, right-click on an applet to see Pin to Start option. As you can see, you can pin your favorite Control Panel applets to Windows Explorer Quick Access as well.

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Pin a specific setting to Start in Windows 10

Step 1: Open Settings app by either clicking or tapping the Settings icon in the Start menu or using Windows + I hotkey.

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Step 2: Navigate to the setting that you want to pin to the Start.

Step 3: In the left-pane, right-click (touch and hold on touch screen) on the Setting that you want to pin, and then click or tap Pin to Start option. That’s it! The newly pinned setting will appear on right-side of the Start menu.

Pin favorite settings Start menu Windows 10 picture3 thumb

Note that you can pin as many settings as you want to the Start menu. There is no limitation whatsoever but make sure you don’t end with a cluttered Start menu!

Pro tip: If you want quickly access settings without pinning them to the Start menu, you can use the taskbar or Star search to quickly find a setting. For instance, typing Lock Screen in search box and pressing Enter key will launch Lock Screen settings.

How do you like the new Settings app in Windows 10?

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