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Enable Google Search In Windows 10 Taskbar Search Box

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The search box on the taskbar or Start not only allows you search your PC but also helps you get results from the web using Microsoft’s own Bing search. When you type something in the search box, search suggestions appear in the box and clicking on one of them or clicking Search the web option will open results in Edge web browser.

Google search in Windows 10 taskbar 1 thumb

While the feature is definitely useful as we can quickly search the web and launch our favorite websites right from the search box, there is no option in Windows 10 to use Google to search the web instead of Bing. Because of this, there are many users who prefer disabling web search results in the search box.

Google search in Windows 10 taskbar 3 thumb

If you love to search the web right from the taskbar or Start but would love to use Google instead of Bing as your web search engine, there is a workaround for that. Yes, it’s possible to make Windows 10’s taskbar or start search box show web results using the Google search.

Enable Google search in Windows 10 taskbar search

In this guide, we will show how you can get results from Google while using taskbar or Start search in Windows 10.

Step 1: The first step is to download and install Google Chrome browser on your Windows 10 PC. Since downloading and installing Chrome browser is fairly simple, we are not providing any additional information on that.

enable google search in Windows 10 taskbar thumb

Step 2: Once Chrome is installed, you need to set it as the default web browser. Now, setting Chrome as the default browser is not very easy in Windows 10, at least for now.

To make Chrome as default, complete these steps:

a. Open Settings app, navigate to System, Default apps,

b. Scroll down to see web browser section

Google search in Windows 10 taskbar 4 thumb

c. Click on Edge or Spartan (or any other browser entry) to reveal Choose an app and then click Google Chrome to set it as default.

Step 3: Open your Chrome browser. Open Chrome Web store, search for Bing2Google extension, and then install the same.

Google search in Windows 10 taskbar 2 thumb

From now on, whenever you type something in the taskbar search box, and click Go for web, you’ll see Google search results in the Chrome browser. That’s it!

Google search in Windows 10 taskbar 31

If you’re wondering what happens in the background, the Bing2Google extension that you just installed simply redirects search queries from Bing to Google. Is not that cool?

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