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File Formats Supported By Groove Music App In Windows 10

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File formats supported by Groove Music app Windows 10

One of the advantages of Groove Music app over WMP is that you can get access to one of the biggest music collections (over 40 million songs) with Groove Music Pass. Although the Music Pass is not free, if you subscribe to Groove Music Pass, you can stream and download music on to your PC.

Like other media players out there, Groove Music allows you create and import playlists from iTunes.

What file formats are supported by Groove Music in Windows 10?

Users who have subscribed to Groove Music Pass will never have to concern about the file formats supported by Groove Music. But it’s users who want to play their offline music collection with Groove Music need to know the file formats supported by Groove Music app in Windows 10.

The current version of Groove Music, which is 3.6.2205, supports a total of 10 file formats. In short, you can play a total 10 file formats with the Groove Music app. Obviously, it supports most of the popular audio file formats out there.

Groove Music app supports the following file formats:

# .flac

# .amr

# .ac3

# .mp3

# .3g2

# .aac

# .wma

# .3gp

# .m4a

# .wav

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