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How To Add Files To Zip Files In Windows 10

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There is a built-in compression or zip utility present in Windows operating system for a long time now. The zip utility allows you to create zipped files by combining multiple files and also unzip zipped files.

Zipped or compressed files take less storage space. That said, you might not be able to gain much storage space when you compress some file types. For instance, you will not be able to free up much space when you create a zipped file by including JPEG files as JPEG image files are already highly compressed.

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In Windows 10 and earlier versions, you can easily create a zip file by selecting files, right-clicking on them, clicking Send to, and then clicking Compressed (zipped) folder option. The zipped file will be created in the same location where original files are located.

What if you want to add a file to an already zipped file? For instance, you just created a zipped file by including some of your holiday photos but forgot to select one of the important photos.

Of course, you unzip the zipped file and then create a new zipped file by including all the files that you want. But there is a better way to add files to an already zipped file.

Add files to zip files in Windows 10

Here is how to add files to a zipped file in Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows.

Note that this method works beautifully with zip files created using third-party utilities like the popular 7-Zip utility as well.

Step 1: To add a file to a zipped file, simply drag and drop the file that you want to add to the zipped file to include it in the zip file. Simple as that! When you do so, only a copy of the file will be added to the zip file without affecting the original file.

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Surprisingly, most PC users are not aware of this method! The same method can also be used to move files to a folder in Windows operating system.

If you want to lock a zip file with a password, please refer to our how to create password protected zip files in Windows 10 article.

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