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How To Customize Touchpad Gesture Action In Windows 10

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Windows 10 offers a bunch of useful touchpad gestures. On laptops equipped with a precision touchpad, you can enable and use all the touchpad gestures supported by Windows 10.

Many users are not aware that they can customize the default actions of touchpad gestures on their Windows 10 laptops. That is, you can change the default behavior of most of the touchpad gestures without using any third-party software. For instance, you can change the default action of three-finger tap gesture from launching Windows search to opening Action Center or play/pause the video.

However, as of now, Windows 10 lets you change the action of three and four-finger gestures only. You cannot change the two-finger gesture actions. Nevertheless, the ability to change the default actions of three and four-finger gestures is very helpful.

Change Windows 10 touchpad gesture action

Refer to the given below directions to change the default action of touchpad gestures in Windows 10.

Step 1: Open Windows 10 Settings. Navigate to Devices > Touchpad.

Step 2: In the Related settings section, click on the Advanced gesture confirmation link.

Customize touchpad gesture actions in Windows 10 (2)

NOTE: If the Advanced gesture confirmation link doesn’t show up, it could be because your laptop is not equipped with a precision touchpad or touchpad drivers are not installed. How to enable precision touchpad gestures on non-precision touchpad laptops guide might also interest you.

Step 3: Here, you will see options to change the default action for three and four-finger touchpad gestures. Choose an option from the drop-down box to change the default action.

Customize touchpad gesture actions in Windows 10 (1)

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