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How To Easily Name CD/DVD Drive In Windows 10/7

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In the past, we covered how to show/hide drive letter in Windows 7,  assign a unique drive letter to your USB drive, and also how to hide drives in Windows with the help of Simple Drive Hider tool.

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But naming or renaming your connected optical (CD/DVD) drives is not as easy as renaming a disk drive, especially for a novice user. One can’t right-click on a CD/DVD drive in Windows Explorer and then rename it. Right-clicking on a CD/DVD drive doesn’t show Rename option. To name the CD/DVD drive, you need play with Windows registry. As all Windows users are not comfortable with editing the registry, here is a smart utility that allows you name your CD/DVD drive in a jiffy.


Drive Namer is small portable utility for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista to rename your optical drive in a simple way.

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This is a portable utility, which doesn’t require installation. Simply download the program and run the program with administrator rights (right-click on the program and select Run as administrator), select the drive letter of the optical drive that you would like to name or rename and then enter a name. Finally, click Set button. That’s it!  Last but not least, you can revert the default drive name using reset button.


Overall, it’s a handy utility to customize your optical drive name. The program is just 26 KB and can be downloaded from the link given below.

Download Page

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