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How To Hide Drives In Windows 7

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UPDATE on March 29, 2019: DriveHide utility is no longer available. Instead, we recommend you to use the Command Prompt to hide drives in Windows 7.

By default, Windows 7 shows all drives/partitions in the Windows Explorer. You can view these drives either from the navigation pane of Windows Explorer or by navigating to My Computer.

At time you might want to hide one or more drives in Windows 7 to secure your data from others. For instance, you might want to hide the drive containing your office documents from showing up in Windows Explorer.

Hide drives in Windows 7

As you likely know, you can hide a drive either via Command Prompt or making changes to Windows Registry.

Although you can manually hide a drive in Windows by changing values in the Registry and Command Prompt, the procedure is time consuming & is not recommended for the novice users.

hide drives in Windows 7

So if you want to hide your drive quickly and easily, here is a small program that helps you hide drive (s) in a jiffy. DriveHide is an extremely simple program for Vista and Windows 7 with easy-to-use UI.

how to hide drivers in Windows 7

Hiding a drive is pretty simple. Just launch the program and then select that drive (s) that you want to hide and then click Close button. Just logoff and logon to show/hide drive (s). It’s simple as that.

Download DriveHide

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