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How To Enable DreamScene Feature In All Editions Of Windows 7

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As you probably know, the latest version of Windows doesn’t come with the popular DreamScene feature for some unknown reasons. Microsoft removed several features such as Windows Calendar, Windows Media Player taskbar toolbar, DreamScene from Windows 7.

Windows 7

We have already covered how to get back Windows Calendar and also Windows Media Player Taskbar Toolbar features in Windows 7. Now it’s time to show how to easily enable DreamScene feature.

DreamScene Activator

DreamScene Activator is a portable program for all editions of Windows 7 that allows you enable and disable the feature with a click. The tool copies some system files and also adds some registry keys required to enable the feature.

Enabling DreamScene in Windows 7

Please note that you need to run this tool as administrator (right-click on the tool and select Run as administrator). And if you get an unhandled exception error, simply click on Continue. We recommend creating a system restore point before running the activator.

It also adds a Play/Pause DreamScene entry to the desktop context menu (right-click menu) so that you can play/pause the video with ease.

Download DreamScene Activator

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