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5 Free Tools To Create, Manage, And Mount Restore Points

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We all know how important it’s to create a system restore point before making any changes to the operating system. For those who are not familiar with this handy feature, restore points allow users to restore the system to an earlier state in a jiffy.

While options are available to create a manual system restore point, Windows doesn’t offer a quick way to create restore points. Here are five free tools that help you crate, manage, and explore restore points with a few mouse clicks. All these tools are free and compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7 operating systems.

Restore Point Creator

Restore Point Creator is a brilliant piece of software designed to manage restore points in Windows 10. With this free tool, you can create and delete system restore points. You can also view and manage spaced used by system restore feature. The tool can also help you delete individual restore points.

5 free tools to manage restore points in Windows 10

Download Restore Point Creator

Single Click Restore Point (SCRP)

Single Click Restore Point is tiny utility for creating quick restore points. As the name suggests, all that needs to create a system restore point is a single click. Run the tool to automatically create a restore point. This utility has no user interface. You will only see “Restore Point Created” message on your screen once the restore point is created.

We recommend you pin SCRP file to the taskbar so that you can quickly launch it with a keyboard shortcut as well.

Download Singe Click Restore Point

Quick Restore Maker

Another small application that enables you create restore points right from the desktop context menu (right-click menu). That is, right-click on your Windows desktop, select Create Restore Point to quickly create a restore point within two or three seconds.

Quick Restore Point

Download Quick Restore Maker

System Restore Manager

Now that you now how to quickly create a restore point just with a click, it’s time to download a good tool to manage restore points. System Restore Manager not only allows you create restore points but also helps you manage them.

System Restore Manager

Options are available to automatically create a restore point at specified time interval. This tool can also delete restore points older than a specified number of days. For instance, you can set this tool to automatically delete restore points older than 30 days.

Download System Restore Manager

System Restore Explorer

A free tool to view, delete, and mount restore points. This is the only tool that allows you mount restore points so that you can browse and copy files in explorer. A restore point contains crucial data required to restore the system to an earlier state. So, this is another very useful application for Windows.

Mount System Restore Point

Download System Restore Explorer

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