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Delete Key Not Working On MacBook [Windows On Mac]

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Mac users who need to get access to the vast number of games and software exclusively available for Windows operating system always install Windows alongside Mac with the help of Boot Camp Assistant software.

Partitioning the Mac OS X hard drive and installing Windows on Mac is relatively simple when you install Windows on Mac with the help of Boot Camp Assistant. Boot Camp Assistant not only help you partition the hard drive to accommodate Windows but also lets you create a bootable USB drive so that you can quickly install and run Windows. Once installed, Boot Camp installs all necessary drivers.

MacBook Keyboard2

When you install Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp Assistant, all parts of the Mac function well without any issues. While, as you may know, the Command key functions as Windows key and the Option key is used as Alt key while using Windows.

After running Windows on MacBook Pro or MacBook Air machines for a while, users notice that the Delete key doesn’t work with default settings. It’s because the Delete key on the keyboard can only be used as back key and can’t be used to Delete files/folders with default settings. That is, when you select an item and then click the Delete key, Windows doesn’t delete the item.

However, one can right-click on an item and then click Delete option to delete the selected item. Wouldn’t it be cool if it was possible to delete a file or folder right form the keyboard, without having to touch the touchpad?

Well the truth is that the Delete key on MacBook Pro and Air keyboard can be used to delete items while using Windows as well. All you need to do is select file(s) that you wish to move to Recycle Bin and then simultaneously press Function and Delete keys. For instance, to delete a file, you need to first select the file and then press Function and Delete hotkey to delete the file to Recycle Bin.

NOTE: Users with Apple keyboard with numeric keypad, Apple Pro keyboard, and Apple USB & Wireless keyboard don’t need to use the Function + Delete hotkey to delete a file. Pressing the Delete key will move the file to Recycle Bin. The above procedure is required only for MacBook Pro and Air models.

Tip: You can view all keyboard shortcuts for Windows running on Mac by right-clicking on the Boot Camp icon in the system tray on the taskbar and then clicking Boot Camp Help. Navigate to Using Windows on your Mac in the left-pane and then click PC key commands to view all keyboard shortcuts. Enjoy Windows on your Mac!

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