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New Vista Syntax for Opening Control Panel Items from the Command-line

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In prior versions of Windows before Vista, you could always open control panel items by passing control.exe the name of the *.cpl file that represented the item you were trying to open. For instance, if you wanted to open the display properties you could run the command “control.exe desk.cpl”.

In Windows Vista, there’s a new syntax for opening control panel items – you can use the /name switch to pass the friendly name to control.exe instead of the difficult syntax.

For instance, if you want to open the Power Options panel you could run the following command from either the command line or the start menu search box:

control.exe /name Microsoft.PowerOptions


Here’s a table of all the names that should work, which you can use in shortcuts or batch files.

Microsoft.AddHardware Microsoft.PenAndInputDevices
Microsoft.AdministrativeTools Microsoft.PeopleNearMe
Microsoft.AudioDevicesAndSoundThemes Microsoft.PerformaceInformationAndTools
Microsoft.AutoPlay Microsoft.Personalization
Microsoft.BackupAndRestoreCenter Microsoft.PhoneAndModemOptions
Microsoft.BitLockerDriveEncryption Microsoft.PowerOptions
Microsoft.Bluetooth Microsoft.Printers
Microsoft.CardSpace Microsoft.ProblemReportsAndSolutions
Microsoft.ColorManagement Microsoft.ProgramsAndFeatures
Microsoft.DateAndTime Microsoft.RegionalAndLanguageOptions
Microsoft.DefaultPrograms Microsoft.ScannersAndCameras
Microsoft.DeviceManager Microsoft.SecurityCenter
Microsoft.EaseOfAccessCenter Microsoft.SpeechRecognitionOptions
Microsoft.FolderOptions Microsoft.SyncCenter
Microsoft.Fonts Microsoft.System
Microsoft.GameControllers Microsoft.TabletPCSettings
Microsoft.GetPrograms Microsoft.TaskbarAndStartMenu
Microsoft.GetProgramsOnline Microsoft.TextToSpeech
Microsoft.IndexingOptions Microsoft.UserAccounts
Microsoft.Infrared Microsoft.WelcomeCenter
Microsoft.InternetOptions Microsoft.WindowsAnytimeUpgrade
Microsoft.iSCSIInitiator Microsoft.WindowsDefender
Microsoft.Keyboard Microsoft.WindowsFirewall
Microsoft.MobilityCenter Microsoft.WindowsSideShow
Microsoft.Mouse Microsoft.WindowsSidebarProperties
Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter Microsoft.WindowsUpdate
Microsoft.OfflineFiles Microsoft.ParentalControls

You should note that you can also create shortcuts to control panel items by just right-click dragging the link in Control Panel to the folder you want to create the shortcut in.

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