In Excel, you can embed a youtube video into a worksheet, with this feature, you can watch the video while working the data in your worksheet. This tutorial help you to insert a youtube video into a worksheet step by step.

In this article, I am going to talk about how to move data from column(s) to row(s) in Excel. If you are interested in this job, please go to below for details.

If there are a range of cells, some are containing numbers, and the other containing text, how can you count the cells containing numbers or not quickly in Excel?

You may need to make a certain row such as the title row always visible while scrolling the worksheet. This article will show you methods to achieve it.

When you open a new workbook, you may forget to save it, it will be annoying if you close the workbook accidentally. But, how could you check if an Excel workbook has been saved?

In Excel, we can rank data in ascending or descending order by the Sort function, but in some cases, we just want to rank data but not change their order as below screenshot shown. In this article, I introduce a simple formula to quickly rank data without sorting order in Excel.

For deleting all spaces after the last character (trailing spaces) from cells, what would you do? This article will show you two methods to deal with it.