For some reason, the AutoPreview only works for unread messages. Those messages that have been read no longer show the AutoPreview. For all other computers in the company, the AutoPreview shows for ALL messages regardless of whether they have been read or not. How can I achieve the same?

In my emails, I often need to refer to documentation and products on the Internet for which I also supply the URL within the message. For readability, I turn these words into clickable hyperlinks. Unfortunately, this is quite a bit of work and the documentation and product links are the same ones I use over and over. Would it be possible to automatically turn these key words into hyperlinks pointing to the correct URL?

I have a rule set up for an employee on vacation, that when an email is received, it will send an automated reply that “I will not be in the office”. However, the rule only works once. Can it work for each time an email is sent to the person on vacation? Or is it a given that once you get the automated reply, you know that the person is on vacation?

I’m using Outlook 2010 with Office 2007 and noticed that the automatic spell check and AutoCorrect isn’t working. I can check the spelling manually but mistyped words do not get those squirly red underlines. How can I enable these features?

I know that I can set the option to request for a Read Receipt for all messages or to set it on a per-message basis. However, I only want to set it when sending to certain people. For instance, I only want to request a Read Receipt when sending to my boss, the HR department and some project managers. Is there a way to have Outlook automatically ask for a Read Receipt if an email is sent to a specific email address rather than needing to set this manually?

I frequently host meetings (seminars) where I invite quite a lot of people. The Accept/Decline/Tentative receipts then quickly fill my mailbox. I don’t really care about these responses until closer to the signup deadline and even then I use the Tracking button that is shown within the Meeting item and not all the receipts. How can I disable these email notifications and just see the responses on the Tracking tab of the meeting?

I have created a signature for one of my e-mail accounts but when I create a new message and select that account the signature does not show. If I set the account with the signature as the default account and then create a new message it shows, but I do not want to do this every time I wish to send a message via that account. How can I make Outlook to select my signature automatically when changing my account?