Q. I manually installed the System Center Operations Manager agent on my domain controller but now some monitoring is failing, why?

On Monday, Microsoft warned customers about an improperly issued SSL certificate that could potentially be used to spoof content, enact phishing attacks, and enable man-in-the-middle attacks. To help solve the issue quickly, the company revoked the digital certificate, but some customers needed to do a little extra to be protected.

Q: If my cluster becomes partitioned and an existing node already owns the cluster core resources, will that node and therefore its partition keep the file share witness and therefore quorum?

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If you were working in IT in 1999, you spent quite a bit of time thinking about the Y2K problem. The Y2K letdown (all that disaster prep, no huge disaster) lead many to start thinking of foreseeable wide scale IT problems like Windows Server 2003 EOL as “chicken little” problems.

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