15 Free Windows 7 Tweaking Tools


Users who have been following us for quite a while know that we have reviewed several free Windows 7 tweaking tools.

Windows 7 tweaking tools

As Windows 7 RTM has replaced XP and Vista on many PCs already, it’s time to showcase all the Windows 7 tweaking tools that will help you get most out of Windows 7. In no particular order, following are the free tweaking utilities available for Windows 7.

1. Ultimate Windows Tweaker: One of the best portable tweaking utilities available for Windows. Ultimate Windows Tweaker now supports Windows 7 and also features not less than 150 tweaking options.


Ultimate Windows Tweaker

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2. EnhanceMySe7en: Although EnhanceMySe7en is not a standalone utility it’s a complete tweaking tool for Windows 7. It has everything from basic to advanced tweaks and tools that let you customize, tweak, and enhance Windows 7 easily.


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3. TweakNow WinSecreat: Another handy utility with decent set of tweaks. Apart from useful system tweaks, it also provides quick access to Windows 7 hidden tools.

tweaknow winsecreat

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4. 7Tweak: It features a set of impressive and unusual tweaks for Windows 7. 7Tweak also comes with disk defragmenter and registry cleaner.


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5. XdN Tweaker: The utility is extremely easy and simple to use. Like most of the tweaking tools, XdN also comes with useful & hidden tweaking options. Go for this tool if you like to have a simple tweaking tool rather than paid  bloated tweaking tools that come with hundreds of options that you never use.

xdn tweaker

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6. Glary Utilities: This application offers context menu manager, file encrypter and decrypter, disk analyser, registry cleaner, temporary files cleaner, shortcuts fixer, spyware remover, tracks eraser, start-up manger and more.

Glary Utilities

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7. Windows 7 Little Tweaker: The smallest tweaking solution available for Windows 7 as far as the number of tweaks concerned. This portable utility is just around 500KB.


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8. Giga Tweaker: Giga Tweaker is an all-in-one tweaking tool which includes every feature that you actually use. It sports simple two pane interface that features tweaks related to system, security, file and drives, restrictions, explorer and start menu, and visual effects.

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9. Argente Utilities: This utility is more than a Windows tweaker. Very useful if you want to see some additional features such as FTP manager, USB safe remover, image converter, file shredder, bulk file renamer, password generator, imager converter and icon extractor.

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10. SetteMaxer: SetteMaxer comes with limited tweaks compared to other utilities featured here. Although SetteMaxer offers no mind-boggling tweaking options, it does come with handful of options that can only be done through Windows Registry.


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11. Vispa: As the name implies, Vispa was initially created for Vista, but it works fine on Windows 7 as well.


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12. Tweak Star: With Tweak Star one can easily analyze and tune Windows 7 for optimal performance. Tweaks star’s easy-to-use & clutter free interface makes tuning your PC a minute task.


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13. Mz Ultimate Tweaker: Mz Ultimate Tweaker comes with many features, here are some key features: Performance Tweaks, Backup-restore service, Visual Tweaks, Registry Optimizer, Windows Media Player Tweaks, One-click tweaks, Start-up Manager, Services manager, Internet Booster, Firefox Booster, and Internet Explorer tweaks.


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14. Tweak7 Free: This is the stripped down version of the paid Tweak7 application and comes with carbon footprint analysis, benchmark assessment and service profile tools.



15. TweakNow Power Pack 2009: This is an all-in-one utility for Windows 7. It has been packed with registry cleaner, disk cleaner, history cleaner, start-up manager and more.


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Let us know if you know good Windows 7 tweaking utilities.

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