21 Screen Sketch Keyboard Shortcuts In Windows 10


Screen Sketch is the replacement for the aging Snipping Tool. With the new Screen Sketch tool in Windows 10 Redstone 5 (version 1809), you can take screenshots, annotate them, and share.

As far as features are concerned, Screen Sketch tool is more or less like the Snipping Tool but offers more annotate options. Like the classing Snipping Tool, it offers freeform clip, rectangular clip, and full-screen clip modes. The window clip is missing from the current version, but we can expect it in coming versions.

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Users who often need to take screenshots prefer to use keyboard shortcuts over the mouse. If you also love to launch and use Screen Sketch with the help of keyboard shortcuts, you will be happy to know that Screen Sketch offers keyboard shortcuts to open and access its features.

Following are the keyboard shortcuts available in Screen Sketch.

Keyboard shortcuts to open Screen Sketch In Windows 10

Windows + Shift + S – Launch Screen Sketch

Print Screen (PrtScn) – Open Screen Sketch

After opening a new clip, use Tab key to navigate between available modes and then press Enter key to select the mode.

NOTE: With default settings, Windows 10 doesn’t open Screen Sketch clip when you press the PrtScn key. You need to configure Windows 10 to open Screen Sketch when the PrtScn key is pressed. Refer to our use Print Screen key to open Screen Sketch in Windows 10 guide for step-by-step directions.

Other keyboard shortcuts for Screen Sketch in Windows 10

Alt + N – Open Screen Sketch snip

Alt + O – Open file

Ctrl + O – Open file (alternative)

Alt + U – Undo

Ctrl + Z – Undo

Ctrl + Y – Redo

Alt + U – Undo

Alt + D – Redo

Alt + T – Select touch writing

Alt + B – Select ballpoint pen

Alt + P – Select pencil

Alt + H – Select highlighter

Alt + E – Select eraser

Alt + R – Crop

Alt + S – Save

Alt + C – Copy

Alt + A – Share

Alt + M – See more tools

Ctrl + P – Print

These are the keyboard shortcuts that are currently available in Screen Sketch tool. We will update this article if and when Microsoft adds more keyboard shortcuts.

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