7 Context Menu Image Changer: Customize Context Menu (Right-Click) Menu Background


We have seen plenty of free tools to customize almost every part of Windows 7 including the desktop and explorer context menu (right-click) options. Even though there are free utilities to add/remove options in the context menu, these utilities can’t be used to change the menu background.

Default Desktop Context Menu BackgroundCustom Background In Desktop Context Menu

7 Context Menu Image Changer is a portable utility for XP, Vista and the latest Windows 7 to easily replace the default while menu background with a custom one.

7 Context Menu Background Changer


How to use:

# Download and run the utility with admin rights.

# Click Install DLL button and then use the Browse Image option to browse to the custom image file that you want to use as menu background.

# Finally click Apply button. The utility will automatically apply the new background and will show you “Context Menu Image Successfully Changed!” message.

Context Menu Desktop Background

New Background In Explorer Context Menu

# You are done! To revert to the default menu background, click Uninstall DLL button.

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