Activate Windows 7 Legally With This Trick Activate Windows 7 Legally With This Trick

Activate Windows 7 Legally With This Trick


Well, I don’t like to make this post a long one since I know most the Windows users are roaring to activate Windows. But unfortunately Microsoft servers are giving same keys again and again to all the Windows users who are trying to get the key now.


Don’t worry if you couldn’t get a key from Microsoft. Here is a small trick that actually works. Using this trick you can activate Windows 7 legally.

1. Open Activate Windows window. To activate Windows 7, right-click on Computer> Properties (Windows + Pause/Break key will also open system properties), scroll down the page to get Activate Windows now link.

2. Select Phone Activation method.

3. Call the free number that you get in the activation page.

4. Press numeric 1 key when it asks you to press.

5. Enter your confirmation ID.

6. Write down or enter the Numbers given back to you in the space provided on the screen.

7. That’s all. Your Windows 7 will be activated.

Note: Make sure you use this method as soon as possible since Microsoft may close this way to activate Windows 7.

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