Add Minimize And Restore Features To Windows 7 Gadgets (Must Try)


Most of Windows users use desktop gadgets to quickly access system tools, information and other things. Although Windows 7 comes with a few gadgets by default, you can always download and install useful gadgets from the official personalization gallery.

 Minimize windows 7 gadgets

If you use desktop gadgets all the time, you might want to minimize them at some point of time. As you know, Windows 7 doesn’t allow you minimize gadgets to taskbar or system tray (notification area).

 Gadget Minimizer


Gadget Minimizer is a small tool for Windows 7 and Vista to add minimize and restore features to all gadgets. You can use following keyboard shortcuts to use minimize and restore features while the Gadget Minimizer is running:


# Hold the Windows & Down arrow keys to minimize gadgets

# Hold the Windows & Up arrow keys to restore gadgets

# Hold Windows & right arrow keys to fix frozen gadgets


The only problems is that you can’t use Windows and arrow keys to minimize or maximize windows while Gadget Minimizer is running as the program itself uses these keyboard shortcuts!

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