Add Set As Cover Option To Windows 7 Explorer Context Menu To Quickly Set An Image As Folder Cover


As many of you know, one need to rename a picture in a folder as folder (ex: folder.jpg) to make it as the folder cover. For example, you can set Windows 7 logo (with .jpg extension) for a folder containing all Windows 7 compatible software.

Set Image As Folder Cover

Since it takes a long time to rename images in every folder and is a daunting task, we have a tip to set any image as folder cover with a click. With this trick, you will be able to set folder cover with a simple right-click on a JPEG picture. So, in this guide we will show you how to add Set as cover option to your Windows 7 explorer context menu.

Set as cover


1. Download Set as cover zip file and extract it to your desktop or a folder.

set as cover for windows

2. Right-click on Install set as a cover registry file and select Merge option. Click Yes for User Account Control prompt. Again, click Yes for the confirmation message and finally Ok to complete the procedure.

Set as folder cover

Set as folder cover option

Set as folder cover option in Windows 7

3. Now, right-click on a JPEG image file to see Set as a cover option.


The only downside is that you need to manually rename the original Folder image when you want to change the folder cover for the second time. In other words, this tip can’t rename an existing image with Folder name. You can remove this option from context menu by running Uninstall set as a cover registry file.

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