Add Shortcut to the Send To Menu


When you right click on any file, you will notice an option on the popup menu called "Send To". This allows you to interact or open the file with a variety of programs. Some users may wish to add their own applications to this list, such as Wordpad (if you wish to view the text of files frequently).

To add your own shortcut to the Send To menu, load the run box (by pressing WINDOWS KEY + R) enter the following command and then click OK:

sendto1.jpg ​

This will open the Send To folder in Windows Explorer. Right click in the white space on the right, and select New > Shortcut:

sendto2.jpg ​

Browse to the location of the application you wish to add and then click Next:

sendto3.jpg ​

Now, enter the name you wish to appear on the Send To menu and click Finish:

sendto4.jpg ​

You now have a new Send To icon when you right click on any file type.

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