After enabling AD Federation Service (ADFS) you are being refered to your internal domain



After entering your federated domain account in a browser, are you being redirected to your internal domain name (e.g. adfs.contoso.local) instead of public domain name (e.g.

  • RDP to your ADFS server
  • Install and open the Windows Azure Active Directory Powershell, for more details see this blog post
  • Execute “Get-MsolFederationProperty –DomainName” with your external domain name e.g. “” 

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-MsolFederationProperty -DomainName


Source                          : ADFS Server 
ActiveClientSignInUrl           : 
FederationServiceDisplayName    : Contoso Corporation 
FederationServiceIdentifier     : 
FederationMetadataUrl           : 
PassiveClientSignInUrl          : 
PassiveClientSignOutUrl         : 

  <more stuff here, not listed>


  • The output above is likely to be listing output referencing to your local (internal) domain name.
  • Open AD FS management, go to “Edit Federation Service Properties”


  • Change the references from the internal domain name to the public domain names.
    • If this is already the correct information, continue with the following steps anyway.
  • Hit OK and close AD FS management
  • In the PowerShell window, execute a Update-MsolFederatedDomain –domainname “”


Check by using “Get-MsolFederationProperty -DomainName” or your browser to see if you are being redirected to the correct URL this time.

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