Android Company Portal for Windows Intune released


As of today you can find the Android Company Portal for Windows Intune in the Google Play store.

Use the Company Portal to enroll a device to Windows Intune, afterwards the administrator will be able to:

  • Erase all data, including a factory reset
  • Change the screen-unlock password
  • Set password rules
  • Monitor screen-unlock attempts
  • Lock the screen
  • Set lock-screen password expiry
  • Set storage encryption
  • Disable cameras
  • Push deep-links Google Play Store App’s to the company portal
  • Push applications installations
  • Publish Web Applications (see screenshot below)
  • .. more to be added later

End-users can:

  • Browse the Company Portal and install apps
  • Remove any Intune enrolled device (explanation)
  • Contact IT 

Screenshot_2013-11-14-17-09-34   Screenshot_2013-11-14-17-10-03

Screenshot_2013-11-14-17-09-39   Screenshot_2013-11-14-17-09-43

Screenshot_2013-11-14-18-50-24  Screenshot_2013-11-14-18-51-32

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