Change Window & Taskbar Color In Windows 7 Home Basic Edition With Home Basic Color Changer


Of all available Windows 7 editions, Home Basic and Starter editions are available in select regions only and ship only with new PCs.

It’s a well known fact that Windows 7 Home Basic edition comes with a few restrictions. For instance, both Starter and Home Basic doesn’t support Aero themes and doesn’t let you change the color of window boarders and taskbar.

While third-party colored themes specially designed for for Basic and Starter editions are available, installing a visual style isn’t an easy job as you need to install tools to enable third-party themes support in Windows. Thankfully, a tool has been released specially for Home Basic edition to change the default color of window borders and the taskbar.

If you’re bored with the default window border and taskbar color of Windows 7 Home Basic edition, you can now use a third-party tool named Windows 7 Home Basic Color Changer.


 Windows 7 Home Basic Color Changer

Windows 7 Home Basic Color Changer lets you change the default window and taskbar color to your desired one. Download, run, and select a color of your choice to give your OS a new look. Once you change the taskbar color, don’t forget to enable Aero transparency in Windows 7 Home Basic and DreamScene feature to set a video file as desktop background.

And if you don’t like to the new color for some reason and prefer to have the default color, click on the Defaults button to restore the basic color.

If you want to get the personalization panel in Home Basic and Starter editions, download the fully functional personalization panel. Note that the current version works only on Admin user account. So, you can’t change the color in other user accounts.

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