Change Windows 7 Folder Icon And Icon Color From Context Menu With Folderico


Over the last few days, we covered some of the best tools available to customize your Windows 7 folder background. Today, we have another tool that lets you personalize a folder in Windows 7 with new color and icon.

A user might want to change the default color for variety of reasons. Maybe he/she is bored with the default color of the folder or the user wants to assign different colors for different colors so he/she can quickly identify the folder he/she looking for. If you’re looking for a good, free tool to quickly change folder icon color, Folderico is the ideal tool for you.

change windows 7 folder color

With Folderico customizing Windows 7 folder icon and color is a fun. The beauty of this program is it integrates into the explorer shell so that you can personalize folders right from the context menu. In other words, you don’t need to manually run the program, you can choose a color for your folder right from the folder context menu.


Change Windows 7 Folder Icon with FolderIco

This folder icon color changing tool also allows changing library icons in a jiffy. Though this tool comes with a set of beautiful icons, you can always browse to your desired icon using Select custom icon options. Once installed, you will see Folderico entry in the explorer context menu (right-click menu).

Change folder color and icon in windows 7

The Reset folder icon option lets you revert to the default icon. Overall, this is a handy and one of the best customization tools out there for Windows 7. Please note that the context menu (right-click menu) option works only in 32-bit version of Windows 7. If you are using the 64-bit version, please manually run the Folderico program and select the folder to customize it.

Rainbow Folder is another fantastic tool to colorize folders in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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