Check If Your Processor Supports Windows 7’s XP Mode Using SecurAble


When Windows XP mode (beta) for Windows 7 was released back in May, we had blogged about how to know if your system is compatible with the XP mode.

To install and run Windows XP mode you need to have these minimum system requirements:

# Windows 7 RC or RTM


# 2GB of RAM

# AMD virtualization (AMD-V) or Intel Virtualization technology (Intel VT)

If you are not sure about the presence AMD-V or Intel VT technology in your PC’s processor, here is a small utility to determine it.

SecurAble allows you know processor’s support for three major technologies: 64-bit instruction extension, Hardware DEP, and Hardware Virtualization. Just download and run the portable program to know presence/absence of these technologies in the processor.


If you get Yes for the hardware virtualization (extreme right) column, then your system supports Windows XP mode. For instance, in the above image, the processor E4500 doesn’t support hardware virtualization technology. Click on any of the results to know about the feature in detail.

securable in detail

However note that Windows XP Mode feature is available only in Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions.

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