Control Windows 7/Vista Flip 3D Via Mouse Using Vista Flip 3D Activator


If you have installed Windows 7 already, you know that the Aero Flip 3D feature is also present in Windows 7. With Aero Flip 3D, one can easily preview all open Windows without clicking on the taskbar icons. In other words, this is an alternative to the good old Alt + Tab feature.

flip 3D

As you know, we use Windows + Tab to quickly preview all open windows. In other words, we use keyboard shortcut to run Flip 3D.

Here is a tiny application that enables you control Windows 7 and Vista Aero Flip 3D feature from mouse. Yes, with Windows Vista Flip 3D Activator you can preview all open windows with your mouse gesture or clicks.

Vista flip 3D

Once you install and run this utility you will be prompted with settings window. Under settings window, you can select one or more desktop corner or a mouse click as a Flip 3D activator.

Now whenever you move mouse cursor towards the preselected desktop corner Flip 3D preview will be launched. And if you have selected any mouse button, just clicking the mouse button will launch Flip 3D.

Download Vista Flip 3D Activator

Download Vista Flip 3D Activator (via Softpedia)

Compatible with: Windows 7 & Vista


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