Create a Shortcut to Search Your IE Favorites With Windows 7 or Vista Search


One of our great forum members asked yesterday how to search through your Internet Explorer Favorites, which got me thinking… if you are using Windows 7 or Vista, it’s as simple as creating a saved search folder.

Open up your User folder and you should see your Favorites folder inside it. Double-click to open the Favorites folder.


Now enter in the following into the search box to find all bookmarks in the last hundred years or so:



Click the Save Search button on the toolbar, and then give it a friendly name like Search Favorites. You’ll see that the default save location is User Folder \ Searches.


Now when you browse to that folder you’ll see a search folder called Search Favorites. Note that you can create a shortcut to this anywhere you’d like… the Quick Launch bar, for instance.


Once you open up the Search Folder, you can simply type in your search into the search box to find whatever you are looking for.


You can change the view to show details via the Views menu.

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