Customize Windows 7 Screensavers Using System Screensavers Tweaker


Just like the earlier versions of Windows, Windows 7 also comes with several beautiful screensavers by default. Of the seven screensavers available in screen saver settings box, only three (3D text, Photos & Windows Live Photo Gallery) allows you change their default settings. The 3D Text screen saver can be customized to enter your own text, Photos screen saver lets you select your own pictures to use as screen saver, and then the Windows Live Photo Gallery screensaver lets you select pictures from your Live Photo Gallery.


Other screen savers like Bubbles & Mystify don’t come with any settings to that you can tweak. In fact, clicking on the settings button displays “The screen saver has no option that you can set” message.

The remaining screensavers have no options to change default settings. Even though it’s possible to change their settings by manually editing registry values, it’s a tedious job for many users. Fortunately, there are some cool tools available to customize default settings of screensavers in Windows 7.


System Screensavers Tweaker is a small, freeware and portable application designed to fine tune Windows 7 screensavers. The tool allows you tweak four of the default screensavers: Bubbles, Ribbons, Mystify and Aurora.

System Screensavers Tweaker

Tweaks available for Bubbles screensaver:

# Set radius

# Set amount of bubbles

# Set Turbulence force, octaves & speed

# Show shadows, transparent background and transparent bubbles


Tweaks for Ribbons screensaver:

# Change number of ribbons

# Set camera focus view

# Tweak ribbon’s width

# Blur ribbons


Tweaks for Mystify:

# Change number of lines

# Change camera focus lines

# Set line’s width


Tweaks for Aurora:

# Set amplitude

# Change number of layers

# Set speed & brightness

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