Delete Synced Settings Data From Microsoft Account In Windows 10


Windows 10 allows you to sync your settings across your Windows 10 devices with ease. Users who are using a Microsoft account to sign in to Windows 10 and have not turned off sync settings feature can sync various settings, including themes.

The feature can sync desktop background, user tile, taskbar position on the screen, Edge and Internet Explorer favorites, history and other data, Windows credential locker, Wi-Fi profiles, language preferences such as spelling dictionary and system language settings, Ease of Access settings, and type settings. You can choose what to sync across your devices by navigating to Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings.

When you have turned on the sync settings, feature, Windows 10 syncs all settings and app data to your Microsoft account so that it can be synced across all your devices that are using the same Microsoft account. The synced data is actually saved to your OneDrive account.

If you don’t want to sync your settings across devices or want to start from fresh, you can delete the synced data from your Microsoft OneDrive account.

Delete sync settings data from Microsoft account

In this guide, we will see how to delete synced data from your Microsoft account in Windows 10.

Step 1: Before deleting the synced data, you need to turn off the sync settings feature first. To do that, navigate to Settings app > Accounts > Sync your settings.

Turn off Sync settings option.

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Step 2: Next, head over to this page of Microsoft and sign-in using your Microsoft account details. If you have more than one Microsoft account, be sure to sign-in using the same account from where you want to delete synced data.

Step 3: Scroll down the page to see Remove button. Simply click the Remove button. Click Yes button when you see the confirmation dialog to delete your synced data from your Microsoft OneDrive account.

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That’s it! You should now see “Your personal settings have been removed from the cloud” message. All settings might not deleted from Microsoft servers immediately. The data will be deleted when the next scheduled clean-up process runs on Microsoft servers.

delete sync settings from microsoft account in windows 10 pic3

You may turn on the sync settings if you want to start using it again.

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