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QTTabBar, the popular add-in for Windows Explorer, finally received an update recently after a very long time. The newest version of QTTabBar officially supports both x86 and x64 versions of Windows 10.

QTTabBar for Windows 10

qttabbar for Windows 10

For those who are not familiar with QTTabBar, it’s a fantastic add-in for Windows Explorer to get tabbed browsing feature. There are tons of settings available under Options to personalize the behavior of the plugin. It also offers a number keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch close, clone, switch tab, and more.

One can personalize the appearance the tab size (width and height), tab title text font, text color, toolbar background color, and toolbar background with a few mouse clicks.

download qttabbar for Windows 10

How to install and use QTTabBar

Step 1: Download (download link at the end of this article) and install the add-in. Once installed Log-off and then log-on to complete the installation procedure.

Step 2: Now, open File Explorer (open My Computer or any other folder).

Step 3: Navigate to View, Options, and then select QTTabBar option to enable QTTabBar add-in for explorer.

qttabbar for Windows 10

Once installed and enabled, you can middle click on a folder to launch the folder in a new tab (you can also right-click and select Open in Tab). Middle–click on the tab to close the current tab.

As there are tons of settings available to personalize the appearance and behavior of the add-in, it also offers Export Settings option to export your customized settings with a click. There are a few good plugins available to add new features to QTTabBar.  Skins are also available to download from the developer’s site to customize the appearance.

There are plenty of settings to change the appearance and behavior of File Explorer.

You can also use QTTabBar to change Windows 10 folder background color.

We have tested this add-in on Windows 10 (x64) without any problems.

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