ElevatedShortcut: Create Elevated Shortcuts To Run Programs Without UAC Prompt


The User Account Control (UAC) in the latest Windows version is less annoying compared to Vista UAC. But still many users complain about the UAC prompt that appears while launching applications. At times, we need to run a program with admin privileges and we have go through the annoying UAC prompt.


Though you can make a program always run as administrator, Windows will still prompt you the UAC screen every time you run the particular program.  For instance, if you have enabled Run this application with admin rights option for Firefox browser, you will get the UAC prompt every time you launch Firefox.

ElevatedShortcut For Windows


ElevatedShortcut is an excellent program for Windows 7 that helps you create elevated shortcuts for your applications and these elevated shortcuts don’t prompt UAC screen. In other words, you will be able to run an application as administrator without the annoying UAC prompt.

Elevated Shortcut

As you can see, the user interface is very simple. Just browse to the application for which you want to create elevated shortcut and select a folder to store the shortcut.

The program even allows you create elevated shortcuts from normal program shortcuts.

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