Enable Windows Media Player 12 Hidden Library Backgrounds




Windows Media Player 12 comes with several new improvements and features. The player features a simple but beautiful library background that can’t be changed from Control Panel. In order to change the default background, one needs to either take the help of third-party tools or manually edit original system files.

Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7

The interesting part about the latest version of player is that the player contains 5 hidden library backgrounds that can only be activated by changing some registry values. As many of us don’t like to play with Windows Registry, we always prefer a software to tweak and customize Windows.

Windows users who would like see and enable hidden backgrounds of Windows Media Player library can now use a free tool named WMP12 Library Background Changer.


WMP12 Library Background Changer

Windows Media Player 12 Library Background Changer is a portable utility for Windows 7 to replace the default library background with one of the hidden picture.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, there are a total of 5 hidden backgrounds and can be changed using the this tool. It even lets you can preview the background before replacing the old with new one.

WMP12 Library Background Changer1

WMP12 Library Background Changer2

Please note that this tool is only for Windows 7 and you need to close Windows Media Player before running this tool. You might also like to know to how to enable WMP12 taskbar toolbar in Windows 7.

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