Forgot Windows 7 Administrator Password? Try Kon-Boot


We all like to protect our user accounts with a strong password which includes numbers, special characters and both upper and lower case letters. However, remembering strong passwords are next to difficult.

If you have forgotten Windows user account password, then you can use the password reset disk tool. But the catch is that you need to create the password when you have access to your user account and can’t be used to reset the password of another user account.

 Thankfully, tens of tools out there to bypass or recover lost Windows logon password. Unfortunately, most of these tools are paid ones. So if you have lost your Windows password, you either need to purchase these paid tools or need to go through the tedious command prompt procedure that can be done with some bootable Linux CDs.

Forgot Windows 7 Password Try Kon boot.


Don’t worry! Today we are going to share an awesome free bootable disc that lets you bypass Windows XP, Vista, and also Windows 7 passwords in just two steps. The tool we are touting about is Kon-Boot. This is a tiny tool (just in KBs!!) that allows you log on to Windows without entering the password.

Simply download the Kon-Boot ZIP file from the link mentioned at the end of this article, extract to get an ISO file and then burn the ISO file to a CD/DVD to get a bootable Kon-Boot CD/DVD.

Once you have the bootable Kon-Boot CD/DVD, follow our how to bypass Windows logon password in just three steps guide. Learn how to download and use Kot-Boot to bypass Windows password in three easy steps.

Update: A new free tool named Recover My Password Home Edition with graphical interface is now available to recover lost Windows password and it even lets you recover Windows product key from unbootable PC.

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