Get Back Some Of Your Favorite Features After Upgrading To Windows Vista



If you have already taken the plunge, and upgraded or purchase a new Computer with Windows Vista installed, you probably are over the frustration period of getting used to a new OS. If you have not and are left wondering where some of your favorite features went, TechRepublic author Deb Shinder, may have found them for you in her recent article 10 things you'll miss when you upgrade to Vista (and how to get some of them back).

Find out how to separate the toolbars and undock the Quick Launch bar, and how to use multiple monitors with Vista. Stop Vista from bugging you about security. Get the old Windows Explorer look back. An the best fix…how to cut down on the number of clicks to reach your destination.

Leave a comment if you found some ways to return Vista back to the retro feel of Windows XP.

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