Get New Windows 7 Build 7022’s Task Pane In Build 7000


You can also read my “10 things you might not have noticed in Windows 7 7022 build” for more information about the changes in the build 7022.

Task Pane

Now, if you like the look of new task pane and aren’t planning to download and install the leaked build, this guide helps you go get the new 7022 Task Pane in 7000. You need to follow a simple procedure to get the latest Windows 7 build 7022 Task Pane in build 7000. Here is how.

1. Go to C:\Windows\System32 (Where “C” is your Windows 7 OS drive).

2. Locate the file named “Shell32.dll” and take the ownership of the file. If you don’t know about taking ownership of a file, then please read our “How to take ownership of a file” guide.


3. Now, rename the file as Shell32old.dll and minimize the folder. Click Continue button for the confirmation dialog box.


3. Download the new Shell32.dll file from here. Thanks to xandir112.

4. Extract the file ZIP file to desktop. You will get a folder named New Task Pane For Windows 7. Open the folder and copy Shell32.dll file to desktop.

6. Now, copy and paste the new Shell32.dll file from desktop to C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Copy Shell32

7. You have just installed the new Shell32.dll file. This changes the Task Pane bitmap of the old one to the new Windows 7 build 7022. You should get a new task pane now.

Note: This Shell32.dll file works fine on 32-bit Windows 7 systems. I cannot assure you about 64-bit flavor Windows.


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