How To Activate Windows 7’s Desktop Slideshow Feature From Right Within Explorer


Microsoft has introduced hundreds of small but useful features and options in Windows 7. Desktop Slideshow one of the new features available in Windows 7. With this feature, one can choose a set of pictures to use as desktop background one-after-another. One can open the Personalization window by right-clicking on desktop and then selecting Personalization option to choose pictures.

Did you know that you can also select a bunch of picture right from Windows Explorer and set them as desktop desktop background without having to open Personalization window?

This is small but welcome feature in Windows 7 that assists the user to activate Desktop Slideshow featurewithout opening Personalization window. About a week ago, we reported about the Desktop Slideshow feature of Windows 7 operating system. If you have missed it, you can read “How to use Desktop Slideshow feature in Windows 7” to know more about it.

Desktop Slideshow


If you are not aware, Desktop Slideshow feature allows the user to change the wallpaper (also called as Desktop background) at specified intervals ranging from 10 seconds to 1 day. Generally, user can enable the Desktop Slideshow feature by entering Personalization > Desktop Background window.


You can also activate this feature right within the explorer itself. Follow the below steps to enable desktop slideshow feature right within explorer of Windows 7.


Step 1: Open the wallpapers (pictures) folder.

Step 2: Select two or more wallpapers that you want to use for Desktop Slideshow feature.

Selce Multiple Files To Active Desktop Slideshow

Step 3: Next, right-click and select Set as Desktop Background.

Step 4: You are done! You have actually activated Desktop Slideshow feature since you have chosen two or more wallpapers.


This feature was not available in previous versions of Windows. Read “How to use desktop slideshow feature in Windows 7” to learn more about this feature.

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