How To Add A Folder To Favorites In Windows 7 Explorer


Users who have been using either Windows 7 RC or Windows 7 RTM might have already noticed the Favorites in Windows 7 explorer. If you are new to Windows 7, open Windows explorer (computer or any other folder) to view the Favorites in the left pane.

Favorites in Windows 7 explorer

By default, Windows 7’s explorer displays three items under Favorites: Desktop, Downloads, and Recent Places. Adding a new folder not only lets you access frequently used folders easily & quickly, but saves enough time as well.



To add a particular folder or location to the Favorites, follow the simple two steps given below:


1. Navigate to the folder location which you would like to view under Favorites.

 Add a folder to favorites in Windows 7

2. In the left side pane, right-click on the Favorites icon and select Add current location to Favorites.

 remove folder from favorites

That’s all. The new location will show under Favorites from now on. To remove a specific folder from Favorites, just right-click on the folder (under Favorites) and select Remove option.

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