How To Add Programs To Desktop Context Menu (Right-Click Menu)


There are quite a number of free applications available to customize Windows desktop context menu (right-click menu). In fact, we have covered several free tools such as Context Menu Editor that help you personalize context menus.

 Add Programs to desktop context menu in Windows 7

This time around, we want to share a simple and portable application to add your favorite program shortcuts to the desktop context menu. 7CMenuEditor is a tiny tool for Windows 7 to add program shortcuts along with custom icons.


How to use this tool:


# Download, extract and run this tool as administrator (right-click on the tool and select run as administrator).

# Enter the name of the application shortcut that you want to insert in context menu. Note that you can also enter your desired name.


# Click Open Exe button to browse to the exe file of the application. Generally, you can find installed application in C:\Program Files directory (where “C” is your OS drive).

# Next, click Open Icon button to select an icon to the exe file. Again, you can you can use any icon but it should be in .ico format.

# Once done, click Create 7CMenu button insert the selected program shortcut to the desktop context menu.


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