How To Add Windows 8 Style Win+X Menu To Windows 7


The quick access menu or popularly known as Win+X menu is one of the lesser known features of Windows 8. The Win+X menu is hidden by default, and one needs to either simultaneously press Windows + X keys or right-click on the Start screen preview button that appears when you move the mouse cursor to the bottom left-corner of the screen to see the hidden Win+X menu.

windows plus x menu for windows 7

With default settings, Win+X menu lets you quickly access various system tools without having to switch to the Start screen. With Win+X menu you can easily access Programs and Features, Mobility Center, Power Options, Event Viewer, System, Device Manager, Disk Management, Computer Management, Command Prompt, Command Prompt with admin rights, Task Manager, Control Panel, File Explorer, Search, and Run. One can even enhance this menu by adding new options with the help of a free tool named Win+X Menu Editor.

It’s also possible to add Shutdown, Hibernate, and Restart options to Win+X menu quickly shutdown or hibernate your PC. The main purpose this menu is to allow you quickly access various admin tools, as Start menu isn’t present in Windows 8.


Windows 7 and Vista users who haven’t upgraded to Windows 8 for some reasons might want to get the new Win+X menu in their current operating systems as well. If you’re on Vista or Windows 7, and want to enable the same feature, you will be glad to know that it’s now possible to add Win+X men to Windows 7 and Vista by installing a small tool named Snap Plus.

windows x menu for windows 7

Snap Plus is a free utility designed to improve the snap functionality and also add the handy Win+X menu to Windows 7. Once Snap Plus is installed on your PC, you can reveal the Win+X menu by simultaneously pressing Windows and X keys. Just like the menu in Windows 8, you can launch all listed programs in Win + X menu with the help of keyboard shortcuts. For instance, you can launch the Command Prompt by pressing the Win + X keys and then pressing the C key.

Besides, you can also use this tool enhance snap feature in Windows 7. When Snap Plus is running, with default settings, you need hold down Windows and Control keys and then press numeric keys on the numeric keypad on your keyboard to position the current window to any corner of the desktop. For instance, you can press Windows + Control + 9 to move the current active window to the upper right corner of the screen, and Windows + Control + 3 to the lower right of the screen.

windows x menu for windows 7 and vista

You can change the default settings by opening Snap Plus settings. To do this, right-click on the Snap Plus icon in the notification area on the Taskbar and then click Settings.

windows x menu for windows

Similarly, after opening Win + X menu, you can press “F” key to open Programs and Features, “T” key to open Task Manager, “A” key to launch Command Prompt as administrator, “M” key to open Device Manager, “O” key to open Power Options and P key to open Control Panel.

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