How To Backup And Restore Windows 7 Registry


Backing up Windows registry is always a good practice before making any changes to the Windows Registry as its health is crucial for the proper functioning of Windows. Although most of you know how to backup Windows Registry, still there are several Windows users who are unaware of the same.

To backup Windows Registry you need to have a third-party tool as well. It’s that simple!

How to backup Windows Registry:

Method 1:


1. Open Windows Registry Editor by typing regedit in Start menu search box and then hitting enter.

2. Click Yes if you are prompted with UAC (User Account Control) message.

3. Next, in the Registry Editor, make sure that you have selected Computer icon and go to File and then Export option.
backup and restore windows 7 registry

backup and restore registry

4. Enter a name for your Registry backup and click Save button.

5. Done!

How to restore Windows 7 registry:

1. Again, open Windows Registry Editor.

2. Go to File and then hit Import option.

Restore windows registry

3. Browse to the previously created Windows 7 Registry Backup file.

4. Click Open button to start importing your Windows 7 registry file.

Backup and restore windows 7 registry file

Method 2: As you know, you can always create a system restore point that backs up Windows Registry as well. You can follow our how to manually create a system restore point in Windows 7 guide to make a restore point before fiddling with the registry.

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