How To Change Taskbar Button Size In Windows 7


Windows 7’s all new superbar is unquestionably the best ever taskbar on Windows. It has been packed with plenty of features such as jump lists and thumbnail preview that help you significantly boost the overall productivity on a computer running Windows 7.

 change taskbar button size in windows 7

By default, Windows 7 automatically combines all buttons on the taskbar and hides labels to save the space on the taskbar and accommodate more program icons. However, to help users who prefer to see labels on taskbar buttons, an option called Never combine buttons is present under Taskbar properties (Right-click on taskbar and select Properties).

If you find that the default size of the taskbar is small or large while using Combine when taskbar is full and Never combine modes, and want to alter the default size of taskbar buttons, you can customize it with the help of available third-party tweaking tools.


There are many free tools available to tweak and customize Windows 7 taskbar. We have already covered all those tools in our 7 free tools to tweak and customize taskbar article. In this article, we want share a small tool that lets you change the default size of taskbar buttons in Windows 7.

 Change Windows 7 Taskbar Button Size

W7TaskbarTweaker is a portable utility for Windows 7 users who never use taskbar in “Always Combine” style. The tool allows you change the size of taskbar buttons with ease. The same tool also offers you resize taskbar thumbnail preview size in an easy way.

Once you finish tweaking, simply log off and then log back to see the change. Note that you need to experiment a bit with its values to make the perfect taskbar button size of your choice. Please note that this tweak doesn’t work if you’re using Never combine mode, the default mode where Windows displays only programs and hides labels.

Please note that this tweak doesn’t change the actual size of the taskbar. If you want to increase the default height of the taskbar, right-click on the taskbar, click Lock the taskbar option to unlock the same, place mouse pointer on the top-edge of the taskbar and then drag it towards the top of the screen. Once done, right-click on the taskbar again and then click Lock the taskbar option to lock and save the new size.

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