How To Create A Manual System Restore Point In Windows 7


One of the best practices to keep your system stable and trouble-free is creating a manual system restore point before playing with system files or installing a new software. Although many of the programs out there automatically create a system restore point before the installation, the same can’t be said for all programs out there for Windows.

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A restore point is a representation of a stored state of your computer’s system files. You can use a restore point to restore your computer’s system files to an earlier point in time. And the best thing is that when you restore your system to a previous date, Windows doesn’t delete saved files and documents. However, you will lose recently installed programs and settings.

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To restore Windows to a previous state, open up System Restore tool, select the restore point that you would like to use to restore your system to, and then click Next button. Windows will restart to begin restoring your PC.

To create a manual restore point in Windows 7 you need to complete the given below steps:

Step 1: Right-click on Computer icon and select Properties to open System Properties window. Alternatively, you can also use Windows key + Pause/Break shortcut to launch the System Properties.

Windows 7 Computer icon

Step 2: In the System Properties window, click on the System Protection link.

Windows 7 system properties

Step 3: Once the System Protection tab is opened, just click on the Create button to create a new manual restore point for the drives that have system protection turned on.

System properties

Step 4: You will be asked to enter a description for the new restore point. Type in the description and hit the Create button.

create a system resore point

Step 5: Wait for a few seconds to see the “Restore Point was created successfully” message.

restore point created

Step 6: You are done!

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